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In Croydon, many houses and properties will have party walls as part of their structure, which can be a problem if you plan to complete work on them. This is because party walls are a unique form of wall that comes with many rules and regulations about how you complete work on them.

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If you’re not well versed in party walls, understanding and managing these rules can be difficult, which could land you in trouble or slow down your building or renovation project. This is why party wall surveyors can be useful, as Chartered Surveyors like us at Copeland Yussuf can help guide you through the entire process. 

Over the last decade and beyond, Copeland Yussuf has provided experienced party wall surveyors in Croydon, assisting various clients to ensure they deal with a party wall correctly. We can help regardless of if you’re the property owner planning work on a party wall or the adjourning neighbour wondering what you can do about the situation. Our surveyors have a distinct knowledge of Croydon and its property market, using that information and the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 to ensure you have a good experience throughout the entire party wall process. 

Party Wall Surveyors Croydon
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Our Party Wall Survey Services in Croydon

We offer many different services to clients in Croydon and can help with various building and property management situations beyond party walls. That said, we are party wall specialists and can provide comprehensive support no matter what stage you are at in the party wall process. Our complete list of part wall services can help you: 

Our party wall surveyors in Croydon can be hired by both parties involved in a party wall dispute and shared among everyone. Additionally, if either neighbour prefers to have their bespoke surveyor serve them, we can work alongside other surveyors to combine findings and draft a final Party Wall Award. 

When hired, we provide impartial, unbiased support. While serving you, we aim to enforce The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 thoroughly and use this legislation to dictate our decisions. 

Who are we?

Copeland Yussuf is a team of Chartered Surveyors based in Croydon and other surrounding areas in South London. We’ve served this area for many years, issuing various Party Wall Awards and Notices, aiding in party wall disputes and using our surveying to come to fair conclusions about what kind of work is permitted to a party wall. 

Many clients, including housing agencies and councils, have partnered with us to provide their surveying needs, showcasing the trustworthiness, efficiency, and quality you can expect when using Copeland Yussuf. 

We only employ the best Chartered Surveyors in the area. All our staff understand the legislation around party walls and have first-hand experience with the Croydon area. We’re committed to providing detailed and accurate party wall surveyors, ensuring we can issue quality and valid Party Wall Awards. 

All our party wall surveyors in Croydon are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, also known as RICS. This ensures that we meet the highest industry standards and follow the best practices, which all lead to you having a great experience when using our services. 

What is a party wall?

A party wall is a unique type of structure. It’s a wall shared by two or more property owners and is typically a boundary wall that crosses the boundary lines that divides the properties. This means that the wall is owned by both owners collectively. An excellent example of common party walls in Croydon are walls that separate terraced houses, as these can often straddle the boundary lines of two properties. 

As well as this, you can also come across Party Fence Walls. These are structures not connected to buildings and are usually garden walls that divide outdoor spaces. For a wall to be a Party Fence Wall, it must be permanent, meaning that wooden fences do not count.

The characteristics of a party wall are clearly defined in the Party Wall Act, which details the types of party walls you can get. Each type has different rules around what you can do to them and how they’re managed. It can be tough to know precisely which type of party wall you have, which is why a party wall surveyor is practical, as they can guide you on what you’re permitted to do and ensure you follow the correct process. 

To be allowed to complete work on a party wall, you must obtain official permission from your adjourning neighbour, as technically, they also own the wall. To get this permission, a Party Wall Notice must be sent. This is a crucial rule of the Party Wall Act, which kickstarts the entire process.

The Party Wall Act

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is a vital piece of legislation that all our party wall surveyors in Croydon must adhere to when guiding you through the party wall process. It contains all the rules about what you can do to a party wall and also details all the actions covered by the act.  

Due to their high experience, all our party wall surveyors understand the Party Wall Act, ensuring they can provide the best support and develop fair and accurate Party Wall Awards. 

You need to follow the rules outlined in the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 if you want to: 

  • Destroy or remove a party wall 
  • Repair or completely rebuild a party wall
  • Add an extension or build atop a party wall 
  • Alter the thickness of a party wall 
  • Underpin the party wall to reinforce the foundations 
  • Complete excavation work near or on the party wall
  • Add damp-proofing to the party wall

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 can be a dense and jargon-full document, making it challenging for non-specialists to understand. Our surveyors can help bridge that knowledge gap and ensure that you have a smooth and straightforward process through the procedure.

Step-by-Step Party Wall Procedure

When following the Party Wall Act, there’s a straightforward process that everyone needs to follow if they can legally complete work on a party wall. Although there’s an overarching structure, your specific flow through the process can differ depending on the scope of your project and how your neighbour responds. 

Our party wall surveyors in Croydon can help you at any part of the process, be it the start or end, or can be with you throughout the entirety of the party wall process. 

Step 1. The Party Wall Notice

To get the ball rolling, the individual planning the building work on a party wall must send a Party Wall Notice to their neighbour. This document not only lets them know that you intend to complete work but also includes details on what work you’re doing and the timescales of the work. 

This document lets the neighbour fully understand what to expect with the work. Once received, the neighbour has a chance to respond. 

You can send more than one kind of notice, meaning you need to ensure you send the right one for your situation. Getting this wrong can void the notice, meaning that it’s not valid. A party wall surveyor can help you ensure you use the right party wall notice. 

In addition, getting support at this stage can also ensure that you draft a super detailed and informative notice. The better the notice, the more likely your neighbour will accept it, and here at Copeland Yussuf, we can assist in this stage to ensure everything runs smoothly with your building plans. 

Step 2. The Response

Once sent, the recipient of the party wall notice has 14 days to respond. They can either agree to the work, suggest additional work to be done alongside the proposed plans, or flat-out refuse the notice. 

If agreed to, work can start straight away on the property. However, if rejected, a party wall surveyor will be needed to resolve the dispute and issue a definitive Party Wall Award, which details what can and can’t be done. 

Knowing the right response for your situation can be challenging if you’ve received a notice. Getting a party wall surveyor in Croydon to help you decipher the notice and choose the best response can increase the likelihood that you will make the right choice. 

Step 3. Surveying and Party Wall Award

A surveyor will need to be appointed to settle a party wall dispute. This is where the property is inspected and assessed, with the information acquired helping the surveyor develop a fair and balanced Party Wall Award. 

During an inspection, a party wall surveyor may complete a Schedule of Conditions to help them draft their Award. Usually, a single surveyor can be shared between both property owners, but each neighbour can elect to have their bespoke worker if they choose. It can take anything from a week to a whole month for an award to be issued, depending on the scale of the project.

Step 4. Respond to the Award

Once a Party Wall Award has been issued, both parties can dispute it if they believe it’s unfair. This will escalate the issue to county court, where a judge will give a final ruling on what can be done. You should only take this step if you’re confident that the verdict will be in your favour, as the court can bring hefty legal fees and a delay in your project. 

Party Wall Surveyor Croydon FAQs

You only need to follow the rules within the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 if the work you're doing is covered by it. You can do a few things to your wall that doesn't require you to get permission. These are usually cosmetic and don't impact the structure of the wall. 

Things like replastering, decorating, adding shelving, and adding wiring to a party wall are permitted. 

If you don't respond to a party wall notice within the required 14 days, then the notice automatically dissents. This means that the proposed work is not approved and that a whole party wall dispute needs to be resolved, with a Party Wall Award being issued. Always respond to a party wall award, even if you do want to dissent, as it speeds up the process for everyone. 

In most cases, the property owner planning the work has to pay all the surveyor fees, even if the adjourning neighbour elects to have their own one represent them. The neighbour only has to pay if it's been found that work is required because of negligence on their behalf. 

If you're completing work on your home that doesn't come near the party wall, you can continue without permission. That said, if you're completing foundation work within three metres of the party wall, then the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 comes into effect and must be adhered to.

You don't need your own party wall surveyor; the service can be shared between all parties involved. This is permitted because the surveyor is there to ensure that the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is adhered to, acting without bias. If you're more comfortable having your own surveyor, you can get one each.

If you've sent a notice to your neighbour and that notice has been agreed to, then you don't need to get a party wall surveyor in to issue a Party Wall Award. You're free to start the work but can only do what's mentioned in the notice. 

Sitting down with your neighbour before sending an official notice is good practice to gauge their interest and thoughts about the work. A notice can blindside a neighbour, making them feel slighted and unprepared. Having a casual talk about your plans can help reduce any potential tension and also ensures that they feel involved in the project and that you consider their concerns. 

Schedules of Conditions are where a Party Wall surveyor will take photographs of areas of a property to preserve its condition at a particular point in time. It documents property defects and faults and helps party wall surveyors draft their final Party Wall Award. 

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 we follow today was last drawn up in 1997, and this is where all the definitions of what is a party wall and what needs to happen come from. 


The legislation is a lot older than this, though, and dates back to 1666 and was created after the Great Fire of London to help put in rules that reduce the spread of fire from adjourning properties. 

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is in effect across Croydon and the rest of south London, so there are no excuses; it must be followed. This legislation covers England and Wales, with only Scotland and Northern Ireland having different rules. 

Why choose our Party Wall surveyors in Croydon?

Being based in Croydon and the surrounding area, our party wall surveyors have a comprehensive understanding of the district, helping many clients based in the area. We’ve settled thousands of disputes and are one of Croydon’s most respected Chartered Surveyors, making us a quality pick. 

We’ve used the last decade to hone our skills and grow our team to only include the most qualified surveyors available. All this leads to a fair, effective, and compassionate process that can help you get the Party Wall Award that you deserve.