Terms of business

  1. The fees and disbursements are calculated in accordance with our Conditions of Engagement and agreed with the Client;
  2. VAT is charged at the rate prevailing at the date of the Fee Account;
  3. The specified fees do not include, and we reserve the right to charge for, abortive work and any carried out at the Client’s request but not specified within the original instructions or subsequent variations;
  4. Disbursements will be charged in addition to our fees unless specified in the letter confirming instructions;
  5. A 100% abortive fee will be chargeable should the Surveyor fail to gain access to the property on the date of inspection, or, should the Client cancel or rearrange an inspection on the ‘date of inspection’; 
  6. A 50% abortive fee will be chargeable should the Client cancel or rearrange an inspection within 48 working hours of the ‘date of inspection’;
  7. An additional £15.00 will be chargeable should the property be located in the ‘London Congestion Charge’ zone;
  8. An additional £5.00 will be chargeable should there be no ‘free’ (non-chargeable) on-street or off-street parking within immediate proximity of the subject property readily available for the surveyor for the full duration of his/her visit;
  9. The Client shall not be entitled to make any deduction in respect of any claim;
  10. Any amendment required to a report due to the direct result of any inaccurate or false information provided by the Client (accidental or not) will be chargeable at £175.00 per hour (pro-rata) excluding VAT;
  11. Should the original valuation report expire; we are able to provide a free of charge valuation extension whereby we extend the original valuation validity by a further three months without revaluing the property. In order to proceed with this option, we require a memorandum of staircasing or memorandum of sale on file which matches the value given within our original valuation;
  12. If you do not possess a memorandum, we are able to provide a desktop valuation in which we would revalue the property and provide a further three months of validity without a reinspection. For this service we have a set fee of £100.00 + VAT for shared ownership residents;
  13. If you do not agree with the valuation report and wish to challenge the figure, an adequate and fully completed appeal form to the satisfaction of the Surveyor must be submitted within four weeks from date of issue of the report;
  14. Any ‘key collection’ and key return will be charged at £175.00 per hour (pro-rata) inclusive of VAT. Please note Clause 8 will also come into effect should the surveyor fail to locate non-chargeable parking when collecting/returning keys;
  15. By continuing with the booking, the client is agreeing to the Terms of Business as stated above;
  16. All information, documentation and report shall be sent electronically via email. Any request for any information, documentation or report to be sent via Royal Mail shall attract an additional fee of £25.00.

Conditions of Agreement

  1. We are of the opinion that there is no conflict of interest with this instruction;
  2. The RICS may, for administrative purposes, check the report for compliance with the Red Book;
  3. An agreement that the nature and source of any third party information that the client has requested is to be relied upon in the report;